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Private Sounding-board and Coach
get a perspective on political and organizational issues

"Sometimes you need someone other than your team and your boss to talk with, because sometimes you need to talk about them."

An executive coach is someone with whom you can discuss sensitive issues, openly and confidentially. Like successful atheletes, many top executives use coaches to step above the fray, look at challenges in new ways, and think through their options.

Many C-level executives use coaches -- not because they're weak, but because they recognize the value of an independent sounding-board.

Benefits of an Executive Coach

Here are some of the benefits that executives who use coaches get:

    "Managers have their eyes on the bottom line; leaders have their eyes on the horizon."
    Warren Bennis

  • Perspective: a time set aside on a regular basis to step out of the weeds and see the forest.

  • Objectivity: a sounding-board who understands the issues at your level, and as an outsider, who has objectivity and no vested interests.

  • Truth: someone who will be completely honest and tell you when you're wrong, or force you to listen to alternative views.

    "Dean's extensive knowledge, clear thinking,
    and his ability to examine issues
    beyond the superficial level set him apart."
    Cecil Wright
    CIO, Flint Energy Services

  • Frameworks and insights: useful ideas, frameworks, and processes based on a long and focused career, and on past experiences with your peers.

  • Motivation: personal deadlines to accomplish leadership objectives before the next scheduled coaching session.

A client explains the value of coaching....

"As a CIO, I've really come to appreciate the value of a confidential executive coach.

"I know I should be thinking "out of the box," but sometimes I feel stuck in a rut. And there are times when I admit that I can't see the forest for the trees.

"There are other times when I've got a vision and need help thinking through the details of how to translate it into reality. And of course, there are many times when I've decided a path forward, but I just want to be sure I see all the potholes ahead."

Read on....

Unique Focus of Dean's Coaching

Coaches come in different flavors, focusing on your career, interpersonal and supervisory skills (one aspect of leadership), business strategies, technologies, or personal work habits.

"Dean's ability to understand the complexities and synergies within an organization are uncanny."
Bob Bender
CIO, St. Mary's Hospital and Duluth Clinic

Dean's focus is unique:

Dean Meyer coaches executives on organizational, political, and leadership issues.

Dean works with transformational leaders (Type 4 in the chart) who build organizations that achieve significantly higher levels of performance in every aspect of their work.

Four Types of Leaders
  1. Cost cutters: shrink and save
  2. Maintainers: keep what we have evolving
  3. Project managers: oversee one or two major initiatives, such as a big strategic project
  4. Transformers: build an effective organization where all staff succeed in all their myriad missions

His perspective and advice are grounded in the business-within-a-business paradigm. This helps you tune all your strategies, actions, policies, and language based on a consistent vision of the end-point: provider of choice to your customers, and employer of choice to your staff.

Examples of questions and issues that Dean's coaching has addressed....

Track Record

Executives who have benefitted from Dean's coaching are from diverse corporations, governments, and not-for-profit institutions.

"Dean, your coaching has taught me
a different approach to management, honed my skills,
and helped me to better articulate our role and
value to my organization. Simply stated,
I became a better leader after I found you."
Yomi Famurewa
CIO, Modine, Inc.

"First as a CIO and now as I sit on several Boards of Directors, Dean has helped me dissect and reflect in a calm setting. His coaching was invaluable, and definitely contributed to the goals which we achieved."
James Walker
former CIO, WMC Mortgage

"I have been working with Dean for about a year, and
I have found him to be one of the most insightful
business people I have had the pleasure to know."
Gary Rosenberg
CIO, Eisner LLC

How Coaching Relationships Work

Dean listens to you, and helps you hone in on your specific concerns.

You'll also explore together your political environment, the personalities around you, and other influences and constraints.

Then, Dean works with you to plan practical solutions.

"Dean, you have had a profound impact
on my view of the world, and I consider you
a friend and a brilliant advisor."
Michael Moore
CIO, San Diego County

Coaching is delivered as needed via telephone meetings, email, and periodic private "off-campus" days together.

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