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Personal tidbits....

Dean lives with Susan Rho in a rustic cabin on a small pond, in the hills above the quaint New England village of Ridgefield, CT.

Dean's primary hobby is cars. He's passionate about vintage British cars, especially his Morgan (the first car he ever bought). He also enjoys performance driving, and was a volunteer driving instructor on the race track at club performance driving schools and in teen safety schools.

Another hobby is collecting vintage elysee fountain pens.

élysée Pens: identification, history, gallery....

elysee pens: identification, history, gallery

Dean was born in San Francisco in 1952. He's a Leo.

He began his career in 1968 in the laboratory at Stanford Research Institute (under Doug Engelbart) that invented the mouse, windowing, hypertext; and Dean helped to invent electronic publishing.

Oh, and the initial "N" is for his first name, Nathan.

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